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Regularly I do 3km run routes, and depending on my mood, I will change the route or play around with tech stuff to make my run more interesting. However, I do not document my route, and often, if I want to revisit a route, I cannot really remember it. So in this post, I am intending to document a 3.3km route and test the Map My Run App on my iPhone running iOS6.

3.3km route with Map My Run app - Click to see map larger

Review of the route: This circular route is great for evening runners/joggers that want lovely views. Besides the start and end of the route, most parts of it are away from traffic and next to the waterside. The route is well paved and is fairly flat with gentle incline and decline. Great from beginners and elderly people!

Review of Map My Run App ( 3.5 / 5 stars ): An excellent iOS free App (You can pay to upgrade it to MVP). It documents the route fairly accurately, and you can revisit or fly through your route online using the account you registered before you can use the App. It looses half a star because it is energy hungry. It drained 11% of my battery while running only this App on my iPhone for the 3.3km route. Furthermore, it looses 1 star for its poor documentation of the route’s elevation. Disappointingly, most part of it is incorrect! This said, I would still recommend my readers to give the App a go and let me know your experience below.

If you have any thoughts about this article please also post them as comments below. I would love to hear them.

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Looks like a great tool when running.
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