About Us

Since July 2005, KaKiNan.com has constantly reinvented itself so that family members and relatives can build on relationships, and bring forward our traditions. We begin our journey since 1998 to connect relatives and friends. However, without the corporation of all my friends and relatives KaKiNan.com will not be possible.

Our Mission

We strive to strengthen the ties between family members and relatives. Using the Web as a platform, we aim to create a conducive environment so that more can be reached.

The KaKiNan.com team hopes that you will have an enjoyable and fruitful time here.

We hope to see you around!

Yours Sincerely,

If you are wondering what is KaKiNan follow this link.

What does Ka Ki Nan mean?

Ka Ki Nan is a phrase from the Chinese dialect called Teochew. This dialect originates in Chaoshan region of eastern Guangdong province of China, but Teochew people can be found all over the world especially in Singapore and Thailand.

Translated to Mandarin, Ka Ki Nan can be read as 自-Zi 已-Yi 人-ren. The phase 自已人 or Ka Ki Nan refers to friends whom you are very close that you can call buddies and group of friends that you can trust. This group of people also include relatives and family members.